Driving DOs & DON’Ts

  1. Left leg should always be resting in the resting pad. Never use your left leg.
  1. Right leg for gas pedal and Brakes. Primary position of Right leg is always the brake pedal. Break Peadal is the home for Right leg.
  2. Car Should be always in Park before and after driving. When stopping the car please make sure the gear is in “Park” position.
  3. Before driving a car, please make sure seats are adjusted accordingly, Side mirrors and Center mirrors adjusted accordingly.
  4. Never stop a car in the middle of the road abruptly. There might be vehicles behind us and they will hit us behind.
  5. Always Park the vehicle in the side of the road.
  6. Please use the Hazard button the “Triangle shaped one” if you want to go slow or scared when there are too many cars or people. Hazard light tells other people/cars that something is wrong with my car and so they will go around and won’t trouble us by honking or following behind.
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